For the past four years, Valerie Boatner coordinated the care for my parents, both of whom have dementia and are in assisted living in Tucson.

Whether using her contacts with rehabilitation programs, hospital emergency rooms, and geriatric behavioral health providers, or accompanying me to meetings to protest when care was lacking, Valerie has been indispensable to us.

My parents are now in the best residential care situation possible, thanks to Valerie’s wise guidance and her reputation and relationships.

Valerie’s energy and focus is even more admirable as she balances her work with the personal challenges of raising a young son and caring for her own mother who has aging issues.

I recommend her highly for a position that draws upon these special skills and expertise.  Please contact me if I can provide additional information.


Jodi Goalstone
March 2012

My parents began to fail over ten years ago and my in-laws were diagnosed with dementia-like problems about five years ago.  I wish to write in very strong support of Valerie Boatner who became the case manager through our attorney’s office.

There is so much to learn, and Valerie was tremendously helpful to us.  She seems to know the entire business.  We cannot imagine having done the last years without her assistance and advice.

Valerie knows the Tucson community and evidently knows almost all the healthcare providers. She knows the rules and the laws and explains them clearly. She has vast experience, knows the ropes, and she gets things done efficiently.

She was charming with our parents and with us, a good friend, genuine, honest and caring.  She always responded quickly to our calls and our needs.

She is entirely familiar with the progression of the diseases (dementia, Alzheimer’s. strokes).  She has seen it all and in our case this involved good care, not-so-good care, physical therapy, patients behaving badly, hospitals, ambulances, police, emergency rooms, psych wards, residential selection and happy endings so far.

Valerie Boatner is a skilled professional.  I recommend her without reservation, for any position related to her expertise as noted. You are welcome to contact me as needed, if I can be of any more assistance.

Tom Ervin

Valerie Boatner has been incredibly invaluable to me and more like a lifesaver.  She is always there when needed.  From emergencies such as communication with the Social Workers at the hospital, being at a Doctor visit and providing guidance on what legal documents to have in place.  Valerie has also provided guidance how to transition my mom from independent living to assisted living and really finding the right place based on her personal and financial needs.  Valerie is a very compassionate and professional person.  She is the one you want to help you through your elderly parent’s life changes.  It is so beneficial to have Valerie as my Geriatric Care Consultant.  I feel really fortunate.

Linda Sindell
May 2012